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About Us

Nunez Gardening and Landscaping is a family owned business started by Rafael Nunez Jr. in 2010.  Since he was 5 years old, Rafael loved helping his Dad, who did gardening and landscaping work, to pick tomatoes. Growing up, he still continued helping his Dad in his landscaping business, after school. While in high school, he used to do lawn mowing for customers and at the same time used every opportunity to learn about the Landscaping work, on the job.


After passing high school, since his parents could not afford to pay for College, Rafael started working full-time in the landscaping work with his Dad, and gradually started taking up landscaping jobs independently. He got his California Contractor license in 2017 and set up "Nunez Gardening and Landscaping" as a California Corporation in 2017.


Over the last 20 years, Nunez Gardening & Landscaping has taken up many types of projects to create beautiful landscapes all over the San Francisco Bay area for homeowners which includes Sod (Lawn) Installation, Artificial Turf installation,  installation of paver stones, building Retaining Walls or free-standing walls, creating concrete pathways, driveways and for other backyard or frontyard areas of a home, installing Firepits, installing Plantar beds, planting Trees, flowering plants and succulants, filling in decorative pebbles and mulch as appropriate, installing wooden decks, pergolas etc.


Since last few years, he has hired several new team members and provides them on the job training. Currently he has five full-time , and he hires additional persons on an as needed basis. Rafael is also assisted by his three brothers Julian, Juan and Jose who are also in the gardening and landscaping business, as needed. Nunez Landscaping provides after care and maintenance of the landscape and garden as and when required by his customers.


Rafael and his team of landscapers are always striving to create beautiful landscapes for their customers - residential or commercial, with the highest quality at a competitive cost.

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